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2013-01-15 03:08 am
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 Ahh that long journey of fixing my sleeping schedule has gotten better. There's only about... 2 - 3 hours left that I need to fix, but I don't need to worry about those till school~

As for mom, she finally got a hold of dad and he gave her the money for her operation, and she's going in some hours now to have the first part done~ Hopefully this'll help improve her physical and mental wellness, since she's always feeling so sick~

I'm in love with the Hobbit, saw that a few days ago. Ehehe~ And I was helpful to Vera yesterday which was nice, I'm still not sure how, but she's happier, so~ I'm also drawing more recently, I don't know why, but I am. It's nice~ 

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2013-01-11 12:29 pm
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[___]ε`、)zzz I talked with only Nene yesterday, then today for the first time I got to talk to Glac, ehehe~ I'm getting used to talking to people on skype now, though it's still a daunting experience for me... Ah, Yuna was there too, and she invited Nene after me. Ehehe it's always enjoyable to talk to Yuna and Nene, though I got a bit quiet during the call;; Ahhh sorry sorry;; 

Mom heard scary moans from outside in the middle of the night, ahhh wonder what it was? She also went to work sick after I told her to stay home, jeeze.

I'm really sleepy too since I've been up all night~ Though it's noon right now, I need to try and hold on for a few more hours and then I can sleep easily. Fixing a bad sleep schedule is hard.
silly magi doodle
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2013-01-11 05:01 am
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_(‾▿◝_ )ノシ I'll use this DW as a place for happier diary blogging I think~ and silly doodle dumps. Yesssss, hopefully no one minds my terriburu tagging things due to doodles~

 aladdin abubububu